Cover Art - Grimdark Future

In this series I sought to create a Grimdark Future Concept Art for the newer sub-genres within that dark world of cyber-vikings and shapeshifting clans of bio-genetic hybridity. I wanted the viewer to feel like they were in the midst of a great war and battle in a dark future city.

For me mj4 and other ai tools is truly a great addition for story building, world building, and storyboarding scenes, architecture, fashion, and the interactions in a chapter by chapter writing of a space opera or any other type of genre. I think if people realize that it's a conceptual tool par excellence, they'll begin using it in many different ways. I was digital artist for varying contracts for decades and understand the copyright issues and have read the pros/cons of these new tools. So yeah, I agree it's best to use it for building textual worlds rather than seeking to make profits from the actual pictures.

My site is more of a showcase site on how far one can push this ai stuff as a digital pro... that's all. For me it's still a flawed tool and has to iron out the copyright issues involved in its gathering of images. I do think that the policies of Midjourney-ai alleviate it by allowing artists to opt out along with their restrictions on sex and gore in their algorithms. But for me it's still only a tool to be used for concept art and in storyboarding sessions as a descriptive tool. The real design work always goes back to the 3D modeling and the hard work of illustration, photoshop, layers, elements, brushes, etc.